Welcome to Precious Metal Services

John has owned Precious Metals since 1990 and has been an Electroplater for more than 30 years. He holds a B.Sc and has a wealth of Knowledge around metals and plating.

Before you consider a replacement check out the cost of replating what you already own.

At Precious Metal Services we specialise in bringing your tired looking jewellery and silverware back to life.

Dont just toss out that "old Junk" which belonged to your grandma. Now you can make your old "family heirlooms" look like new.

Or maybe just freshen up that watch you bought 10 years ago which looks the worst for wear.

To jog your memory of forgotten treasures stored away in that back cupboard these are just some of the items we can restore:

Tea Service Cutlery Waiter & Trays Trophy Cups Liquor or Wine Goblets Christening Mugs Serviette Rings Coasters Vases Bracelets and Chains Watchbands All types of Jewellery.